Excerpt From ‘The Rise of Virtual Production’

This is an excerpt from the free eBook that will be coming soon. It is an extension of a chapter of the book Unmasking Visual Effects by Samuel Collett. In this eBook, you will learn of the new real-time VFX technology of Virtual Production. You will also see why Virtual Production could be dangerous and how it has been used. If you’ve wondered How Virtual Production Works and how it’s taking over the VFX world, read on.


During the Covid-19 Pandemic, people were not allowed to meet each other. A huge amount of many people’s daily lives revolves around meeting and interacting with other people. Almost all businesses suffered. There was however a major business that did not suffer on the contrary, it thrived. The stock price of Zoom went from around $60 in 2019 to over $550 in 2020. Why? Because the usage of Zoom and similar services extended from calling your cousins in Costa Rica once a month, to calling your boss and colleagues almost every day. During the pandemic, many businesses moved from the physical to the virtual. Now we had:

Virtual Classes, Virtual Meetings, Virtual Conferences, Virtual Tours, Virtual Concerts, Virtual Piano Lessons,  Virtual Piano Lessons, and the list just goes on and on.

There is, however, an industry that seems like it could not function virtually. The film industry. At the end of the day it can’t, in the same way that you can have a virtual meeting with each person at home. But it can do something similar: Eliminate excessive travel. To you it might not seem like the film industry is one in which travel is a key element, and with the rise of visual effects, oftentimes it isn’t. However, think about shooting on location. You need to get the entire cast and crew from one location to another. This is a form of travel, and as of late it is a form of travel which can be avoided. 

What if I told you that you could create a scene in any location from a studio without any VFX. Perhaps you wouldn’t even believe me. 

Well, with some great new technology it is now a reality. We call this technology Virtual Production. In the following pages we will look at what this is, and how it is changing the film industry. 

Before we dive into this, I wanted to share with you the reason I am writing this. Not long ago, I was working on material for my book “Unmasking Visual Effects” and I began writing on the innovative technology of virtual production. As I was writing and contemplating that section, I ran into a problem. I realised that I could not manage to cram everything I wanted to say on the topic into the book. It would be like trying to cram my entire library into a small suitcase.

After reflecting on my situation for a while, I resolved to dedicate an entire work to the light and magic of Virtual Production.

-Samuel Collett

Founder of Knightshade and Author of 

“Unmasking Visual Effects”

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