Node Based Compositing Explained (Video)

Create. With. Nodes.

This is a special post.

Nodes are a huge part of our workflow at Unmasking VFX. Watch this video created by VFX Artist Samuel Collett to find out how they work.

What is CGI without compositing?

You have a background element and a foreground element. Now you want to put them together. How would you do that? Compositing, the act of sticking multiple elements together to create a composite image, is the way to go. You could do this in a basic video editing program, but please don’t. The proper way to do this would be in a dedicated compositing software. There are two main kinds of compositing softwares, Layers or Nodes. Let’s take a look at Node Based Compositing:

Some Node Based Compositing Systems

  • Autodesk Flame
  • The Foundry’s: Nuke(Non commercial version)
  • Natron(Free)
  • Blackmagic Fusion(Free with Davinci Resolve)
  • Blender(Free in-software compositing panel)


  1. this is really insightful! I prefer nodes too.

    • Samuel Collett

      Great to hear! Are there any topics that you would like to hear about in future? We do have a chapter of the upcoming book fully dedicated to Methods of Compositing and We also speak about some early compositing in the History of VFX.

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