The Iron Triangle of Expectations (Video)

Which 2 options that the Iron Triangle has to offer will you pick?

The Iron Triangle of Expectations is a set of project constraints. It is made up of budget, time, and quality. These form a relationship like a triangle because you can rarely change one without affecting all the others. When working on a visual effects project this is helpful to keep in mind. As much as we would like to be free of all constraints while working on projects, unfortunately this is not the case. It is always important to know your limitations before jumping into a new project.

If you are not interested in working on VFX projects in any way, I’m sure you will be glad to hear that this can be also used to diagnose issues in the films you watch.

In the video below, VFX artist Samuel Collett guides you through the Iron Triangle with illustrations and more. Hopefully you will learn something today in this video.

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  1. Sorry about the bad audio quality. Since the recording of this video we have upgraded the recording system. Look out for our Visual Effects Pipeline Miniseries which utilized the new technology. Coming out soon.

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